Resources: Books and Websites



Butterflies of America
North American Butterfly Association
Butterflies and Moths of North America
Butterflies of Dallas County – Dallas County Lepidopterists’ Society
Carolina Nature
Jeff’s Butterfly Page
Nelson’s Butterfly Page
Neotropical Butterflies


Butterfly Circle
Learn About Butterflies
The Encyclopedia Website of Butterflies
North Thailand Birding’s Lepidoptera Page
Samui Butterlies
Thai Bugs
Srilanka Butterflies
Butterflies of India
Butterflies of Indo-China
Butterflies of Taiwan
Taiwan Butterflies Gallery


Tanzanian Butterflies

General Butterfly Information

Butterfly Glossary
List of all butterflies with common names.


North America


Butterflies of Thailand


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All of these titles are available at China Scientific Book Services

Books About Butterflying

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