Central & South American Butterflies Lifelist

Papilioninae – Swallowtails, Birdwings, Dragontails
Belus Swallowtail Battus belus
Common Cattleheart Parides iphidamas iphidamas
Pink-spotted Cattleheart Parides photinus
True Cattleheart Parides eurimedes mylotes
Ruby-spotted Swallowtail Papilio anchisiades idaeus
Charaxinae – Leafwings, Pashas, Preponas, Agrias
Silver-studded Leafwing Hypna clytemnestra
Tiger Leafwing Consul fabius
Heliconiinae – Longwings and Fritillaries
Banded Orange Dryadula phaetusa
Cydno Longwing Heliconius cydno
Hecale Longwing Heliconius hecale zuleika
Numata Longwing Heliconius numata
Tiger Longwing Heliconius ismenius
Mexican Longwing (Heliconius hortense)
Danainae – Monarchs, Tigers, Crows, Glasswings, etc.
Glasswing Greta oto
Disturbed Tigerwing Mechanitis polymnia
Harmonia Tigerwing Tithorea harmonia caissara
Large Tiger or Tiger-Mimic Queen Lycorea cleobaea
Orion Historis odius
Scarlet or Red Peacock Anartia amathea amathea
Morphinae – Morphos & Owls
White Morpho Morpho polyphemus
Achilles or Blue-banded Morpho Morpho achilles phokylides
Blue Morpho Morpho peleides
Banded Owl Caligo atreus dionysos
Purple Mort Bleu Eryphanis polyxena
Biblidinae – Crackers, Numberwings
Blue Wave Myscelia cyaniris
Mexican Bluewing Myscelia ethusia
Blue-frosted Banner Catonephele numilia immaculata
Broken Banner Catonephele orites
Starry Night Cracker Hamadryas laodamia saurites

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